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  • OmniExperienceTM superior sound technology
  • Better sound and comfort

  • Award-winning design


Spottune has been developed with a unique OmniExperience™️ technology that provides its outstanding sound quality. The omnidirectional feature allows the speaker to deliver balanced audio frequencies all over the entire room, which provides consistent sound even at low volumes. Due to this technology, everyone can receive an equally pleasant audio experience regardless of their position in the room. On top of excellent sound, Spottune features an award-winning, minimalistic design.


  • 50% Less Speakers Needed


Due to its omnidirectional sound coverage, a single Spottune speaker can fill a room of 100m² (approx. 1100ft²) with perfectly balanced sound.

This means that 50% less speakers are needed compared to alternative options on the market.


  • Wireless broadcasting system
  • Central-control cloud platform
  • Speakers adjusted individually
  • Different music played in different areas


Spottune’s wireless broadcasting system guarantees omnidirectional, stable sound quality with no interference even at low volumes. The centralised, cloud-based control platform allows for complete overview and easy management of the entire system. This enables users to centrally control several devices and thus provide a consistent experience across all locations.

Spottune Cloud

  • Unified sound experience across sites
  • Full control of each store, zone, speaker and music to be played
  • One point of entry for managing customer and employee experience


Spottune offers an enterprise cloud service, from where playlist, volume and sound can be synchronized and controlled online, both per zone or individually.


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